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The world's first radio report of CO2 levels every weekday

Any weekday morning at about 6:45 am, tune into CBC Radio One's 
On The Island with host Gregor Craigie to hear a morning market update with a stock-take for the lates daily level of CO2 in the Earth's atmosphere.  

Since September 2019, Craigie has been reporting carbon dioxide (CO2) levels to his listeners on Vancouver Island and the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia, Canada.  If he's on vacation and his fill-in host forgets the CO2--which has happened--listeners call and email until regular CO2 broadcasting resumes. 

As far as we know, Craigie's CBC morning show is the first in the world to report atmospheric CO2 levels on the radio on a regular basis.  When he reports the latest numbers for the stock market and commodity prices for lumber, oil and natural gas, he reads two atmospheric CO2 numbers: one for the day before and one from a year ago.

As an aside, we view this reporting of environmental and economic signals togethers as a practice which is appropriate and needed for our economic systems to become sustainable.  


Radio host sources daily CO2 numbers from CO2.Earth

The latest global CO2 numbers which Gregor Craigie reports are taken from the CO2.Earth daily CO2 page.   Those CO2 numbers are sourced from readings reported by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, or NOAA, which continually measures CO2 levels in the clean, well-mixed air at the Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii. 


Sample of a CO2 report on CBC Radio


Morning market report with CO2 update

October 15, 2019:  Report by Gregor Craigie on CBC Radio One


This recording can also be listened to on SoundCloud (CO2.Earth).  


CO2 update only (10 seconds)

Oct 15, 2019:  Snippet of above report by Gregor Craigie on CBC Radio One, Vancouver Island



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