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News, weather and CO2 on CHEX News at 6

Since May 10, 2021, CHEX News at 6 on has been reporting CO2 levels on Canada's Global Television Network to viewers in the Peterborough region, east of Toronto.  CO2 updates began when trusted weather specialist, Caley Bedore, added daily CO2 averages to her televised reporting.  


Sourcing daily CO2 numbers

The CHEX weather specialist at CHEX Global News sources global CO2 numbers from the CO2.Earth daily CO2 page to produce a simple almanac graphic which television viewers see on their screen.  The CO2 numbers on the CO2.Earth site originate from the daily CO2 average which the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, or NOAA, reported earlier in the day.  NOAA continually measures CO2 levels in the well-mixed air at the Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii, 3400 metres above sea level. 


Sample weather & CO2 broadcasts


Video Sample

Video: Sample of full weather report on Jan. 11, 2022, including CO2 & temperature almanac (CO2 for Jan. 10, 2022)
TV broadcast: News at 6 with weather specialist Caley Bedore on Global Peterborough (CHEX)


Sample TV Screenshot
image of television screen on August 19 2021 showing 414.97 ppm CO2 for the day before

TV screen from CHEX Global Peterborough News at 6 broadcast on August 19, 2021 (CO2 for Aug. 18) 

CHEX Global News  Video via Show.Earth - 2021 Television sample (10 seconds - CO2 level with temperature records) on Thursday August 19 with daily CO2 (414.97 ppm) for Wed. Aug. 18

CHEX Global News  Video via Show.Earth - 2022  Television sample (3 minutes - full weather & CO2 report) on Tues. Jan. 11 with daily CO2 (417.91 ppm) for Mon. Jan. 10



The start of televised CO2 levels 

Screenshot of twitter announcement that CHEX Newswatch is now including CO2 levels

More about the start of CO2 reports 

CHEX Global News @CaleyBedore on Twitter: May 10 2021  Television sample (38 seconds): First daily CO2 report (417.79 ppm on May 9) on the station and network

CHEX Global News  TV feature broadcast (3 min.): May 11 2021   CO2 levels in atmosphere rise dispite emissions drop during pandemic

CHEX Global News  Web article: May 11 2021 CO2 levels in atmosphere rise dispite emissions drop during pandemic



ICYMI: Here is a clip from Monday's forecast on how we will be presenting CO2 levels: 

(Note: I have been working from home)

— Caley Bedore (@caleybedore) May 12, 2021



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