This page shows some of the newspapers which publish atmospheric CO2 updates for their readers.  It also gives readers and media outlets samples of CO2 trackers which are being published in newsprint and digital editions. 



The Peterborough Examiner (Canada)

CO2 tracker publication:
 Print edition (3 times monthly)

Show.Earth  Monkman column tracks nature & CO2 in The Peterborough Examiner


 close-up image of CO2 tracker printed November 2021 in The Peterborough Examiner


The Guardian (UK)

CO2 tracker publication 
 Print edition (daily) plus subscriber emails  (weekly) which is shown below. 

Show.Earth  The Guardian and its story on CO2 and reporting in the climate emergency

The Guardian newspaper has been putting the latest atmospheric CO2 levels in its newsprint edition every day since 2019.  And it has put itself on a course of active, responsible reporting on the global climate emergency and how CO2 and climate-related events are related.  If you have a serious interest in climate media reporting, climate journalism or journalism more generally, we recommend taking a look at The Guardian and its story on CO2 and climate reporting.


close-up image of 2021 CO2 report in The Guardian




Archive: Nelson Daily News (Canada) 

CO2 tracker publication:
 Print edition (weekly)

Show.Earth  Nelson Daily News: Carbon counter archive

image of 2010 newspaper tear sheet with global CO2 levels and local real estate ad


Does your newspaper print a CO2 tracker?

Is your newspaper printing a CO2 tracker which is not acknowledged at Show.Earth?  We'd love to know so we can make sure we're spreading the news.  Please take a moment to tell us about your local CO2 tracker at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  And if you're able, please send an image of the CO2 Tracker. 


Do you want a CO2 tracker for your newspaper?  


You may send our CO2 for newspaper editors webpage to the editor or managing editor of the newspaper you subscribe to.  Also, our CO2 media team is here to collaborate and assist newspaper readers and media publishers with any CO2 tracker setup.  Feel free to connect with us any time.