Widgets from CO2Now.org CO2Now.org (2008-2015) now redirect to CO2.earth site.  We manage the redirects and updates from show.earth.  If you have old widget code you grabbed from CO2Now.org before it was replaced, you don’t need to do anything. Your widget will keep updating for a long time, but not forever.

That said, it is best to replace old CO2Now.org widgets with new Show.earth widgets.  Here are 5 benefits for you and your site visitors.

Show.earth widgets:

  1. give you more size and design options
  2. are secured with an SSL certificate (as in ‘https://’)
  3. are responsive and perform well regardless of screen size
  4. click through to CO2.earth directly to give visitors good contextual information
  5. prevent disruption when old CO2Now.org widgets eventually die

Check out the new and improved show.earth widgets and grab the code for any widget you want:  ppm + The Svante + Rio ’92 + Charney + Act Local + Tyndall + The MLO + KC Monthly

If you are curious and want to check the performance of original CO2 web widget code, we use these two pages (so we can check that our system is running the way it is supposed to):